Built Contracting Co.


BUILT is a construction company involved in designing and executing full projects related to roads and highways, airport runways, hangars, dams, sewerage, and lighting. In addition, BUILT is proudly specialized in the construction of residential properties and commercial centers.

Importing sanitary ware is a supplementary service provided by BUILT. Our qualified team is reliable in importing high quality consoles, ceramic tiles, bathroom sets, tap mixers, shower heads, kitchen taps and accessories.

We deliver a complete project which goes from Infrastructure to final status, ready to be utilized by the end user.

Built Contracting Company was established in 2013 as a sister company to the highly successful JZALA Trading and Contracting Company, which has been on a consistent path of expansion and improvement since 1996.

Built Contracting is therefore a specialist department meeting rising demand for construction services in Saudi Arabia, with a philosophy of precision, quality and longevity in all of our projects.