Major Projects

Asphalting & Roadworks

  • Asphalting works for King Saud University in Riyadh
  • Asphalting works for the Ring Road in Riyadh (West A section)
  • Asphalting of Jeddah – Riyadh – Dammam Highway (Section B)
  • Construction and asphalting for Saudi Aramco properties in Central Region
  • Construction & Asphalting of Al-Rawdah Municipality
  • Road enhancement and developing at Kashm Al Ann Military School
  • Asphalting, Lighting and maintaining for Riyadh-Al Kharj Harad Highway
  • Asphalting & Lighting and maintaining for Riyadh – Al Dalm – Al Aflaj Highway
  • Asphalting & Lighting of Al-Guai’yah City
  • Asphalting & lighting of Navy Housing Compound at Al Kharj
  • Asphalting & Lighting for Hafr El Batn Highway
  • Asphalting of Riyadh Airbase
  • Construction and asphalting of the Royal Guard base streets in Riyadh


  • Helicopter landing airstrip at King Khalid Military Base
  • Apron for aircrafts at King Khalid Military Base
  • Airport development at Al Qaisuma
  • Construction and asphalting of airplanes Parking in Shams Al Salam airbase

Building & Construction

  • Building of Jzala luxury suites in Khobar
  • Building of Qairawan residential compound in Riyadh
  • Building of Thumamah residential compound – Riyadh
  • Building of Qortobah residential compound – Khobar
  • Building of Faisaliyah residential compound – Dammam
  • Building of Thumamah Valley in Riyadh
  • Building of Aqua Complex in Jeddah
  • Building of Seashore Compound in Khobar